About Us

Capitol Bedding

is a small 3rd generation family-owned mattress factory. 

In 1946, Alfred Beuerle started the business in Lansing, Michigan with just a few employees and no machinery.

Today, we have 18 employees with over 300 years of combined experience handcrafting the finest mattresses around.

Our Storied History

Many of our mattresses are not easy to craft, so we typically only make 100 to at most 200 per day, depending on the sizes and models ordered.

Speaking of which…

Did you know we don’t stock any mattresses whatsoever?

Each order from our dealers are made “fresh”, and typically it will be handcrafted and delivered within a week!

We're also a bit "different"...

We take our time. Do things slowly. And make sure the details are all correct before moving on to the next step. Our employees are paid a salary, and never by how many pieces they can make each day.

See that cart to the right?

Yeah, that’s how we move our mattresses around the factory. They’re old railroad carts, and we couldn’t even venture a guess how old they actually are!

But they work, even if they’re slow and deliberate.

Notice a theme here?

Environmental Sustainability

This is our lonely dumpster.

Why show you our dumpster?

Quite simply because we’re proud this is the only dumpster for our entire factory.

And it’s rarely (if ever) filled up with trash.

We recycle as much material as we possibly can...

Foam and Fabric Scraps

No scrap foam is wasted. 

We bundle it all up, and ship it out.

Carpet pad, dog beds, and more will end up using our clean scrap foam and fabric.

Cardboard, Plastic, and more.

It’s certainly easier to just toss cardboard and plastic packaging material into the trash.

We don’t.

It all gets sorted, bundled, and sent out for recycling.