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We Are a Mattress Manufacturer

We don't sell mattresses, we just focus on hand-crafting them!

We have been manufacturing mattresses since 1946.  It’s what we do.  We always strive to show you exactly what you’re buying, and how it was made.  Explore the pages of this site to learn about our mattress models, the materials we carefully select, and the high-quality craftsmanship that we employ!

Our Mattress Models

We have organized our mattresses by category: tight top, pillow top, two-sided, and specialty.  Please feel free to contact us, or visit one of our fine dealers to have any questions answered.

Tight Top Models


Browse our selection of traditional tight-top mattresses.

Pillow Top Models


Browse our selection of luxurious pillow-top mattresses.

Two-Sided Models


Browse our selection of advanced two-sided mattresses.

Specialty and Foam Models

Browse our selection of one-of-a-kind specialty and foam mattresses.

Our Materials

Its important that you know exactly what you’re buying.  To that end, we will always show you exactly what is inside each mattress.  We use the absolute highest quality, and safest, materials we can find… and we prove it.

Click here to learn more about the materials we use.


Our Craftsmanship

From our truly unique HMI vertical cross-slat box spring frames, to hand-tufting mattresses, we do things that few other manufacturers are even capable of.  We have developed our techniques over seven decades, and continue to refine them every single day.

Click here to learn more about our hand-crafted techniques.

Our Warranty

Actually, we don’t have a warranty on any of our mattress…  we feature a full non-pro-rated GUARANTEE!  We don’t have a lot of fine print to read through.  We simple stand behind our products.

Click here to learn more about our full guarantee.