Craftsmanship and Materials

So what exactly does "Hand-Crafted" mean?

Craftsmanship from Experience

We started in 1946.

That means we have over 75 years of experience and counting hand-crafting the finest Michigan made mattresses. Many of our employees have been with us 20, 30, and even over 40 years now.

That experience means we know how to do things the right way.

Our way.

Craftsmanship from Passion

One way to sustain a business is to produce a lot of something.

Another way is to keep your customers happy and coming back. That’s the route we chose.

We’re not fast. We’re not flashy. And you can’t find our mattresses everywhere.

But when you do find a Capitol Bedding mattress, we hope you’ll see the passion that went into crafting it.

We tick all the boxes you'd expect...

Natural Latex

Safe, hypo-allergenic natural latex provides long-lasting breathable comfort in many of our mattresses.

Organic Cotton Covers

While a mix of synthetic and natural is often best for a comfortable long-lasting sleep, we do offer organic cotton covers in a few mattresses.

100% Pure Jomma Wool

Wool has been known throughout history for its ability to breathe and maintain a comfortable sleeping surface.

The Best Fibers

We’re picky about what goes into our beds, and that extends to even the support layers we use.

Natural Cotton

100% natural, un-dyed cotton can be found in our products as well.

The Finest Threads

We use both natural cotton threads, as well as kevlar threads to increase strength and provide fire protection for our mattresses.

And some you may not have thought about...

All foam is not created equal.

Along with our natural fibers, latex, memory foam, and Serene® foam,
we also utilize conventional foams in many of our mattress models.

What’s unique about Capitol Bedding is we don’t hide anything.

We never put “Super Airy Comfy Foam” in our mattresses, or any other made up marketing name.
We don’t hide the foam we use because… we use the best we can buy.

Always high-quality. Always safe. Always CertiPUR-US Certified.

Foam Numbers Explained

Foam numbers can be confusing, because you can’t directly compare density numbers from latex, memory foam, and conventional foam.  Because they are different types of foam, with different properties, they all have their own scale for which density may be better than another.

For now, we will only discuss conventional foams.  Conventional foam is denoted by 4 numbers, such as “1832”.  The first two (“18” in our example) denote the density per cubic foot, but you must place a decimal.  So our “18” becomes “1.8”, and thus has a density of 1.8 lbs per cubic foot.

The second number (“32” in our example) denotes the firmness level.  So our example foam is 32 lbs, and it would take 32 lbs of force to compress 1 square foot of this foam 1 inch.  It is important to remember that density and firmness levels are not directly related.  Confused yet?!

Here’s a simpler way to look at conventional foam numbers; by looking at ASTM test data!  The numbers at the right show the firmness remaining after 75,000 cycles of octagonal roller static fatigue testing, which equates to about 10 years of use:

Quality foam matters. It simply lasts a lot longer!

Firmness Remaining After 10 Years

2.5 lb Density Foam
2.4 lb Density Foam
1.8 lb Density Foam
1.2 lb Density Foam
1 lb Density Foam
Memory Foam
1 lb Density Foam
1.2 lb Density Foam
1.5 lb Density Foam
1.8 lb Density Foam
2.4 lb and Higher Density Foam

Capitol Bedding stands apart.

This graph represents the percentage of foam sales from the largest US foam producer.

See that little 2% bar on the bottom?

That’s the highest quality foam you can buy, and it represents only 2% of the market.

Look through our mattress spec sheets, and you will find more 2.4 and 2.5 lb foam in our mattresses than any other manufacturer out there.

Quality foams DO matter.

We have nothing to hide.

Something else unique to Capitol Bedding?

For every mattress we craft,
you can download a specification sheet that
shows you EXACTLY what’s inside.

No made up marketing names.

No fluff.

Just the facts.

Want to see one of our mattresses being hand-crafted?

Just head over to our YouTube channel and see a few of our mattresses being crafted from start to finish.